Web Site Copy

Web Site Copy

Our Web Site Copy Sells The Benefits

Before you attempt to generate inquiries, it’s a good idea to have a destination where you can send a prospect who might be interested enough to want to learn more, but might not yet be ready to take a sales call from you. That’s why it’s so important to have a very strong web page that speaks specifically to the service you are offering, and goes into enough details to get the prospect to complete your form.

If you have an existing web site, we strongly recommend that you create a new page on your site dedicated to the specific service that is being sold with this kit. Ideally (but not required) you should have a URL that might stand-alone as a logical landing page. For example: www.yourcompany.com/name-of-service. You should embed that link in your emails and electronic ads and reference it in any non-electronic communications promoting your service. This will allow your prospects to land right on the information that they are looking for, giving you a higher likelihood of getting them to the next step.

The copy that we provide in our kits has been written specifically with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. While it might seem like a lot of copy for a web page, by pointing your links to this page you will score higher in relevancy and get more action. We’ve broken the copy down into small digestible components with sub-heads. Feel free to get creative in how you display the content – you can use anchor links, sub-pages, expandable content, etc. How you decide to present the content will help to make it your own.

If you don’t yet have such a page set up, go ahead and start with a different service you have written up and use that page as a template to create your new page for this service. If you have access to a web designer, you should feel free to take some creative license with the layout and even some of the copy elements to “make it your own.”

Also note that we strongly recommend that you include a small lead form right on the page where the service is being described… even if you have a more generalized lead form elsewhere on your site. In the back-end data collection and notification of the form processing, be sure to indicate that the request is related to the specific service we’re selling with this kit.

In addition to the landing page copy (to be used for all of your direct marketing activities), we’ve also included for you a blurb to put on your home page. This is teaser copy designed to engage visitors to your site who may not have come specifically for the service we are promoting. How and where you use the home page blurb will depend on the layout of your site, but we recommend putting it in a highly visible location right in the header, or in a box that is displayed prominently. You should include a link from the home page teaser copy to the dedicated service web page. In addition, if you have a services section on your web site that has a menu with the services listed, be sure to include the service we are promoting in the navigation.

If you are just starting out and don’t have a web site, there are several companies that provide template web sites specifically for IT services. Two such services that you may want to look at are Kutenda (www.kutenda.com) and MSP University (www.mspu.us).