The Press Release

The Press Release

Our Press Release Has Multiple Important Uses

While most IT service companies do not regularly engage in public relations (PR) activities, when used properly a well-written press release can be one of the most powerful direct marketing tools in your arsenal.

After you customize and personalize the press release that we’ve included in this kit, the first thing you should do is get some external visibility for your press release. If you already have relationships with the business editors of your local media (not just newspapers, but also TV, news radio and business journals), call them up and let them know you are introducing a new technology service in the local region. See if they are interested in interviewing you about it. Use the content of the press release as background information. If you don’t know your local editors, now’s the time to get acquainted. Most journalists are always on the look-out for a good story. If there’s one or two major publications or media outlets in your area, pitch them first and offer it up as an “exclusive” (meaning you’ll let them run the story before the others). This sometimes is the key to getting an editor to cover a story that they otherwise may feel is of marginal interest.

Next, you’ll want to send the news release out to all of your customers and all of your prospects. Depending on the size of your list, you can print them out and send them via regular mail, or you can email them. Either way, do not attempt to turn the press release format into a letter, or include a cover letter with the release. Simply send the release as is. When your customers and prospects see it, they will internalize it as “news” rather than a letter and later on when you talk to them, you may hear several people tell you that they read about your new service in the news somewhere but may not remember where. It’s an old trick that works almost every time.

After your customers get the press release, put it up on your web site’s News or Press section. If you don’t have such a section yet, you can create one now and use the release we provided you as a starting point and then plan to add others – ideally at least once per month. If you are not ready to start a completely new section of your site, you can add a simple link to the press release on your home page or on the landing page you created for this service. You’ll want to add the press release to your site, because it will expand the content you have that talks about the service which will significantly increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking for the specific service.

Last, send your press release out over one of the major wire services for maximum exposure. The wire services are not cheap – ranging from $80 to several hundred dollars – depending on the service you use, the length of the release, and the scope of distribution you select. But you should seriously consider issuing the release because it will get picked up by several sites that will then link back to your site which also will help with your overall search engine rankings. The most affordable service to use is PRWeb, but Marketwire and PRNewswire are usually going to get you more options for local coverage.