Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Tap Into The People Shopping For What You Offer

Advertising with Google is a proven way to generate leads for a lot of businesses. But, as with any marketing, it’s part art and part science. If you already have a Google AdWords account, then you should create a new adwords campaign specifically for the service we’re promoting with the kit you purchased. Within your campaign, set up separate Ad Groups for each of the four ads we’ve included in the kit.

You’ll have best results if you use the keywords in the headline as the main keywords in each Ad Group. For example, one of the ads has a headline that says “Free Network Assessment.” Create an ad group for “Network Assessment,” and within that ad group, set up “Network Assessment” as the keyword for the group, and use the ad as the main for the group. Relevancy is the key to success with Google. If you ad headline has the keyword you are buying, and the landing page or web site has a lot of content that relates to that keyword, you’ll do well. When you set up each ad group, you can use the Google AdWords tools to help you pick additional relevant keywords that are most relevant to the ad and the landing page, and add some of your own. You can also create a variation of the ad we provide you can create a test to see which does better. If you go this route, BE SURE to set up the Google AdWords settings to serve up the ads equally.

We also strongly recommend that you that you include your geography as part of the keyword selections, rather than just using the generic terms. This will significantly reduce your competition for the keywords, lower your cost, raise your rankings, and ensure that the prospects who click on your ads are in your service region. So, instead of purchasing “Network Assessment”, buy “Baltimore Network Assessment” and variants of that sort. Don’t skimp on the keyword you buy. Adding keywords does not necessarily add to your cost, unless they are working. The more keywords you add into your campaign, the more exposure you will get and with good targeted ad copy, but you’ll only be paying for the people who click through to your web site. Check the average bid using the Google tools, and start with a bid that will get you in the top 2 or 3. If the ads are really inexpensive, go for #1.

Start the campaign out using all of the ads included in this kit. Be sure that the links are set up to go directly to the landing page you created with our web site copy, and that you include a unique tracking code on each ad so you can tie the source back in your completed lead forms to the Google clicks and conversions. So your URL might look something like: This URL would be the link but not necessarily what is displayed in the ad itself. The display text should just be your main domain. Be sure to set up the ad rotation so that all ads get the same number of impressions. Google has an alternate setting which automatically will start to show ads with more clicks more frequently. You won’t want to do this because some ads may generate fewer clicks but more conversions. Run all ads with equal exposure until you start to see some separation in the results. Then take the poorest performing ad, and drop it from the rotation. Run with just the three remaining ads, and if you find one is not doing as well as the others, drop it. You can also experiment by pointing the ads to different pages… such as your press release page related to the service, or your home page.