Compare Our Price To Your Revenue Opportunity!

How much time do you think it would take to find an award-winning professional writer who has extensive knowledge about the IT services industry, and has decades of hands-on direct marketing experience? Even if you could find such a unique resource, how much do you think you’d have to pay to have all of the assets included in this kit created for you from scratch?

In determining what to charge for our kits we did a lot of market research, and here’s what we learned:

A professional copywriter will charge anywhere from $50/hr. to $150/hr. depending on experience and specialization. At those rates, professionally-written web site copy can run upwards of $1000 or more. A press release will cost you $250 and up. You’d pay $75-$150 for a single well-crafted marketing letter, another $250-$400 for a Google AdWords campaign with four ads around optimized keywords, plus another $675-$1,000 or more for 9 additional lead nurturing marketing letters. That doesn’t even factor the additional cost for consulting time to explain best practices in the use all of these assets.  Best of all these materials are market-tested and proven to work as part of an ongoing and focused sales and marketing program.

The good news is that by syndicating this material, we can offer you all this material for just $595.

Here’s A Recap Of What You Get:

•  Home Page Teaser Copy And Full Landing Page ($1000 value)

•  Four Initial Lead Generation Letters ($300 value)

•  Service Press Release ($250 value)

•  Nine Lead Nurturing Letters ($675 value)

•  Google AdWords Campaign ($250 value)

•  Marketing Kit Best Practices Guide (priceless!)

Everything Arrives Instantly, Conveniently Packaged Into Two Editable MS Word Documents

There’s no waiting required to get started. As soon as you place your order and pay for the Market Kit, we will package everything up in electronic format in an editable MSWord format document. All the letters and the press release are designed to be personalized by you and put into your own existing company letter head or email templates. The areas to be personalized are highlighted for quick and easy reference. We also provide you with unformatted copy for your web site so you can drop the content into your existing HTML web site templates. (If you don’t have a web designer on staff or one that you use, we can point you to some very affordable resources.

We Won’t Sell You Our Marketing Kit . . .

. . . Until you get a chance to preview all of the materials in advance. You read that right. Better than any guarantee because you get to see the entire kit without cost or obligation BEFORE purchasing. Just let us know you are interested by completing the form below. We’ll send you a PDF version of the kit and the instruction manual to preview. After you see the quality of the copy, and compelling nature of the content, if you’re like 9 out of 10 people who get this far, you’re going to want the Kit.

Just let us know and we’ll send you an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, we’ll immediately send you the licensed version of the kit assets for you to use to market your own business.

To preview the kit, click here.