Lead Nurturing Letters

Lead Nurturing Letters

You’re There When Your Prospects Are Ready

If even if you’ve done your homework on selecting your prospects to make sure that everyone on your campaign list is very well qualified, and even if your service is something that any business can use, the likelihood is that it simply won’t be “the right time” for most of your customers to buy the first time you reach out to them. Think about your own buying behaviors. Reasons why your qualified prospects may not be ready to buy include: too busy to respond, not feeling the pain; happy with an existing solution or resource; and no funds to name a few. But all of these situations can and will change over time.

If you can’t get a prospect to respond after executing the four-part launch campaign over a two-to-three week timeframe, it’s time to give that prospect a break. Let it “age” for at least 30 to 60 days, and then begin your “nurturing” program. That’s what the second batch of letters are used for, and another reason why you are going to need a good CRM system to keep track of all the different contacts at all the different stages of the buying cycle… which literally can last months or even years.

After your non-responders have aged, pick one of the lead nurturing from the kit and send it out, followed up by a phone call or two. If no response, age the contact for another 30 days, and then send out a different letter from the kit. If you do make contact and the prospect has interest but is not ready right then, ask when he or she might be ready to engage and re-set your follow-up date accordingly.

Continue nurturing all of your prospects in this manner. To repeat: You’ll want to set up an internal system that will allow you to segment all of your prospects into campaign groups (can be as few as 10 in a group, or up to several thousand). As each group goes through the full-court, concentrated press with your launch campaign, most will come out the other side as non-responders or not ready to buy. Flag the non-responders to commence your nurturing program 30 days later, and your not-ready-to buys at a point when they tell you to re-engage. After they have aged, send them one of the lead nurturing letters and follow-up with a phone call. Take all the non-responders and flag them for another (different) letter 30 days out, and the not-ready-to-buys out for 60 days. Continue the process on a monthly basis, and never stop until they buy or tell you specifically they don’t want to hear from you anymore. If you purchased our full marketing kit, you should have enough material to last you for a full year of contacts.