Custom Kits

Give Your Partners The Tools They Need To Sell

If you have an IT product, technology or solution sold through resellers, we can develop a custom marketing kit designed specifically to help your partners generate leads.

Here’s how it works:

We meet with your internal channel marketing resources to obtain whatever existing marketing materials you have for us to use as source material. We then meet with some of your selected partners to understand their approach to selling your offering and any challenges. Based on this input we develop a professional, customized marketing kit that your partners can personalize and customize for their own use.

The kits cost you nothing to develop!

We make the investment to build your customized marketing kit from the ground up. You pay nothing. When the kit is ready to go, you help us to market our kits to your base of resellers at our low syndicated pricing. Optionally, you may elect to subsidize some or all of the cost of the kit to your partners. There’s no minimum commitment.

To have a custom marketing kit developed for your service or technology, click here to schedule a meeting.